- A Certain Absence, Tamar Hemmes
- Works: The Color Out of Space, My Future Will Reflect a New World, Anomaly Strolls II_Alchemy of Golden Leaf, Anomaly Strolls I, El Fin del Mundo, Anomaly Strolls, Alchemy of Golden Leaf .
- News From Nowhere-The Future is Upon us Constantly, Mike Pinnington
- Interview: Tate Etc.
- Acknowledgement .
- Artists'CV

Written by Tamar Hemmes, Mike Pinnington, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho
Catalogue Designed by Workroom
Printed by In-time Printing

Published 2019 by Workroom Press on the occasion of the exhibition at Tate Liverpool,
22 Nov.2018-17 Mar.2019.
130X215mm /111pages / Hardcover / 2019
ISBN 979-11-89356-12-5 03600 .