NEWS FROM NOWHERE : Korea Artist Prize

Since 2012 the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea has reorganized the annual Artist of the Year exhibition under the new name Korea Artist Prize. The aim was to continue on its 15-year legacy and to widen the program’s scope to provide a practical platform that enables the artists to better connect with the global audience. The exhibition program was structured to encourage a positive competition among the selected artists, after which the Museum and SBS(Seoul Broadcasting System) Foundation announced MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho  as ‘the winner of the 2012 Korea Artist Prize.’

This catalogue provides an in-depth view into Moon Kyungwon & JEON Joonho’s artistic oeuvre. Through this publication, we hope to recognize the artists who have shown the exceptional potentials of Korean contemporary art and have provided a new vision for the local art scene by leading new discourse on the future of Korean art.

Jointly created with the sponsorship of SBS Foundation, an organization committed to social return, we hope that this publication will serve as a viable channel of communication to showcase the artists’ vision.

Hyung-Min Chung
Director of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Project Configuration
Critical Dystopia: On NEWS FROM NOWHERE/DR.Sook-Kyung LEE
Film, El Fin del Mundo 
Film, El Fin del Mundo - Production Process
A Conversation with MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho/Hans-Ulrich Obrich OBRIST
Film, Avyakta
In Praise of the Loss of Limited, Weighty, Orientated Body-Space/Chus MARTINEZ
Exhibition dOCUMENTA(13), 2012
A Conversation with JOE Jeonghwan/MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho 
Shenu: Hydrolemic System/takram design engineering
I-CITY/MVRDV & THe Why Factory
??? /JUNG Kuho
Final Sync: Prototype Uniform/Kosuke TSUMURA
LUCIS: Mind Light for the New World/LUCIS
Mind Shelter: Home for All/Toyo ITO
A Flower & Struggle/KO Un
A Flower & Struggle/LEE Changdong
Endless Avant-garde/Toshi ICHITANAGI
The Orgin and Evolution of Art/CHOE Jae Chun
Society under Construction/Yilmaz DZIEWIOR
Exhibition 2012 Korea Artist Prize, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, 2012
Thus, Art Continues/Shan Lim
News Letters

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Publisher Hyung-Min Chung
Published by National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Catalogue Design by the Flat(
Print by Top Process, Seoul
First published on the occasion of the exhibition, 2012 Korea Artist Prize(31 August – 11 November, 2012) sponsored by SBS Foundation
185x255mm / 348pages / Hardcover / 2013.3.
ISBN 978-89-6303-044-09 93600