Bonjour. Monsieur Bon Yamajun

Kanazawa Project _ Bonjour Monsieur Bon Yamajun

A station for the journey of consciousness, where the past, present, future, as well as reality and imagination come together.

Human, a deficient and unstable being, born unexpectedly in the world, given only a finite life, faces his reason for existence in a strange, anonymous place where his existence is absent. – MOON Kyoungwon & JEON Joonho

This project unfolds at the Bon Yamajun Confectionary Plant located in the city of Kanazawa in Japan. This plant has been abandoned for a long time, yet traces of its past prosperity remain in various areas across the silent facility. In this place buried in oblivion – forgotten by everyone with only its shell standing – we face the contradictions and conflicts of our world that surround us. This space invokes the possibility of another life from the uncharted, initially masked by what had been deemed as reality.