q0. 2014. HD Film. 19min. 50sec.

Based on an imaginary visual novel addressing the birth and history of the “Decorated Clam Shells,” this film presents a transmigrative narrative in which the past, the present, and the future are intermixed. At the center of “Decorated Clam Shells,” this story unfolds by traversing time and space, exposing issues of human existence and the endless repetition and conflict within world history to evoke philosophical introspection and self-awareness in our own lives.

Through the subject of “Decorated Clam Shells,” this fictional film presents a vision of the repetitive and contradictory world of human existence. It is presented as a poetic film where episodes rich with imagination and diverse discourse mediate time and space, conveying to audiences, through the metaphor and imagination of art, a language of images with an aesthetic structure at its foundation.

The film traces back the trajectory of time.
The screen leads us to a distant space far away from history.
There, we will face an image of you and me, standing before the destiny of connection and transmigration, which are intertwined like a chain. And, for the first time, we will modestly lower our heads before a world that overflows with doubts and questions.

For several weeks, he has been at a standstill in his studio, immersed in the act of decorating clam shells. A strange feeling seizes him, as if someone is doing it by borrowing his hands.
“Decorated Clam Shells” are used as a tool in shamanism. A deep fragrance permeates a room that teems with colorful altar portraits of the Buddha. The jingle-jangle sound of bells, sounding like it will explode at any moment, resonates throughout the room.
Myeong-jin, who must set off on a long journey, is stunned when he sees Yeonyee. Wordlessly, both of them stand in the pavilion and gaze into the distance for some time.
A forest crammed with tall trees comes into view. A girl hurries away, making her way through the woods in deepening darkness. Tightly clenched in the palm of her hand are the decorated clam shells.