Voice of Metanoia II  

It consists of four individual projects with distinct themes of the four recipients of the prize.
 Voice of Metanoia – Two Perspectives is a follow up to the NEWS FROM NOWHERE project in that it proposes the notion that art is designed to transform the human consciousness.
The comprehensive exhibition, which includes installations, drawing, and video works, demonstrates the artistic form of our time. Through installation works and color systems that re,ect posters of renowned biennials and triennials, MOON & JEON propose a certain ground which art should maintain in this day and age, in which conceptual terminology, as opposed to visual language, runs rampant. Nonetheless, rather than trying to de)ne the nature and role of art, MOON & JEON calmly present the historical fact that art has always functioned to expand the horizon of human consciousness.
MOON & JEON present a video work that tracks down an investigator, William Guest, sent to the present from the future with the mission to grasp the function and essence of art. Like a detective in search
of clues to a case, Guest visits museums and discovers the inherent human pursuit for beauty in an environment seemingly devoid of it. By retracing his course of travel, we end up discovering art that has been defined by our times, which we find both convincing and perplexing.
The condition of art which Guest arrives at is precisely a portrait of our reality.