KANAIWA Laboratory

Project in Kanaiwa 


Design of the Manhole cover

The Design Concept of Manhole Cover
The design is based on the green Kanaiwa pines of the four seasons, showing the unchanging belief and will in any difficult situation. Rounded three-dimensional effect, reflecting the dynamic feeling of the earth.

" When the heavens are cold and the corners of the snow fall, they become aware of the innocence of the clan."
-天寒旣至 霜雪旣降 吾是以知松柏之茂也 , 莊子(Zhuang Zhou)

" MY FUTURE WILL REFLECT A NEW WORLD.” – In our first video, El Fin del Mundo, the heroine finds beauty in the plant specimens she has assembled, and from now on, her life will be different and her future promises to show it. It is a phrase.

Windproof wall project

Stage design in Kanaiwa port

Kanaiwa market at fisherman storage