Collaborations with KUHO
A= √3/2d²≃0.866025404d²

Hexagonal form of silicon-based materials for the Uniform

Jung Kuho / Designer (UNIFORM)

Jung Kuho is one of the top fashion designers in Korea, and is famous not only for his clothing, but also for interior design, furniture, lighting and much more. He has his own brand, KUHO, and after exporting it to New York he was named “One of the Nine Designers to Watch” in 2011 by New York magazine. Many believe his avant-garde aspects and minimalist designs come together beautifully. He designed costumes for many films including An Affair and Tell Me Something. He was also the recipient of the Best Costume Design Award at the Daejong Film Awards in 2004 with The Scandal and with Hwang Jin Yi 2008.