Collaborations with Toyo Ito
Mind Shelter, 
Home for All: The Restoration of Publicness & a Great Transformation of Architecture

The architect was originally a negotiator between the person living in a work of architecture and the surrounding society, as well as between man and nature. This role started to weaken after modernism. Now, there are attempts to revive this function of the architect in disaster areas. Matters such as a king’s character is not necessary for the negotiator, or the person who bargains.
- Toyo Ito

건축가는 본래 건물에 사는 사람과 그 주위 사회의 협상가였으며, 자연과 인간 사이의 협상가였다 . 그것이 약화된 것은 근대 이후였다. 재난 지역에서는 그 기능을 되살리려는 시도를 하고 있다고 생각할 수 있다 . 협상가, 즉 교섭하는 인간에게 왕의 풍격 따위는 필요하지 않다.
- 토요 이토

Toyo Ito

Born in 1941, Toyo Ito graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1965 and established his office in 1971. In the ’70s, he sought to erase conventional meaning from his works through minimalist tactics, and developed lightness in architecture that resembles air and wind. Since the completion of “Sendai Mediatheque” in 2001, he has been exploring architecture of the 21st century that goes beyond modernism’s purity and machine analogy, transcending architecture through autopoietic processes, transforming organic geometries into life-forms that reflect nature.